10 Crazy Cool Peel Laser Side Effects

Cool peel laser is a modern take on the traditional CO2 laser treatment. If you intend to use it, you should know its side effects. 

Laser treatment uses an ablative laser in order to trigger skin rejuvenation. This means that the superficial layer is shed and a new layer sprouted.

As a result, it keeps your skin looking youthful considering it does away with issues such as sun damage and wrinkles.

All this is done while keeping the cool peel laser side effects short-lived and temporal.

How Does It Work?

Although the cool peel laser treatment is meant to replace the traditional CO2 laser treatment it still utilizes some of its principles.

However, they use different lasers. Traditional treatment uses carbon dioxide CO2 laser treatment, but cool peel uses a specific tetra laser.

The tetra CO2 laser is an advanced form of treatment that delivers high-energy heat. It delivers heat in short bursts to increase effectivity, reduce downtime and reduce side effects.

Cool Peel Laser Benefits

Skin Renewal

Skin reacts negatively to age and environmental stimuli over time. This results in wrinkles and a gradual loss of youthful appearance when it comes to skin.

Therefore, when skin is not exposed to harsh conditions it is likely to exude youthful exuberance i.e., better skin texture and smoother skin.

Cool peel laser takes advantage of this by removing the worn-out skin to allow the younger-looking skin layer to be exposed.

Healthier Skin

As mentioned above, the cool peel laser procedure facilitates the shedding of the outer superficial skin layer for a healthier underlying layer.

Expectedly, the underlying layer is healthier due to the fact it’s not been exposed to harsh environmental conditions from the environment such as excessive UV rays exposure.

Therefore it is free of sun damage making it healthier than its predecessor.

Works Fast

To reduce cool peel laser side effects and improve the procedure’s efficiency, it is structured to work fast.

As a result, the treatment only lasts for around 10 minutes. Additionally, results start to show within a week of treatment 

Reduces Sun Damage 

The cool peel laser treatment reduces skin damage by granting you new skin altogether. 

When the sun damages the superficial layer as a result of the shed and the underlying layer is exposed, it is devoid of the effects of harsh sunlight.

Younger Looking Skin

As mentioned above, the outer superficial skin often reflects the conditions it is put under. As a result, it is likely to be sun-damaged and weather torn.

The underlying layer also reflects the conditions it has been put under. Therefore, it is healthier, and as a result, younger looking

Other benefits include:

Minimizes Pore Sizes 

Refines Skin Texture

Cool Peel Laser Side Effects 


Although scarring uses a fractional ablative laser, it still works by heating the underlying skin layer. As a result, it can trigger scarring when overdone.

Scarring comes about due to the scar tissue that forms when skin tissue is damaged and is usually a sign of the skin repairing itself.

This means that scarring can come about as one of the cool peel laser side effects when the procedure is overdone.


As a result of the skin injury inflicted by the ablative treatment, it is possible to experience temporal face swelling.

This is a result of the cool peel laser side effects. The swelling is however temporal as it lasts for up to 7-10 days. 

Acne Flares

The cool peel procedure can trigger acne flare-ups as a result of the cool peel laser side effects.

As mentioned above, the cool peel procedure can cause bacterial infection if proper aftercare is not practiced. As a result, this can lead to an acne breakout.

The flare-ups are also facilitated by the quick skin turnovers that come about as a result of shedding.


The cool peel laser treatment attempts to mitigate the heat from the lasers by emitting them in short pulses.

However, when the procedure is done for too long, it can bring about redness due to the resultant heat

This leads to redness as one of the cool peel laser side effects.

Skin Dryness

The cool peel treatment is based on the principle of targeted skin cell regeneration. This means that the skin naturally triggers its self-healing process.

As a result, this can lead to skin dryness. When your skin is healing, it tends to feel scaly or dry as the dead cells are renewed.

Therefore, skin dryness can be considered a by-product of your skin’s recovery process.


This comes about in a similar manner to skin dryness. However, scaling often happens once the dryness reaches a certain level as a result of the cool peel laser side effects.

Scaling refers to the shedding of the outermost skin layer as a white flaky substance that resembles fish scales hence the term scaling.

As a result of this shedding, the smoother and tighter skin is able to emerge and take its place as the outermost skin layer. 


As mentioned above, cool peel initiates targeted skin injury. Skin injuries are one of the causes of hyperpigmentation.

Hyperpigmentation occurs when an excessive amount of melanin is released as a result of damaged or unhealthy skin cells.

The excess melanin later on proceeds to clump therefore making certain areas of your skin darker than others.

As a result, hyperpigmentation occurs as one of the cool peel laser side effects

Cold Sores 

When a client suffers from cold sores as one of the cool peel laser side effects, it means they are likely to have already been carrying the virus.

The cool peel laser procedure has therefore been noted to exacerbate and activate cold sores.

Other cool peel laser side effects include:

Bacterial Infection


Cool Peel Laser Aftercare 

As previously explained, the cool peel laser treatment uses skin injury to trigger rejuvenation. 

Therefore, to avoid any side effects and facilitate quick healing, an aftercare process needs to be followed.

That said, cool peel treatment yields results within a week. Many positive reviews indicated that within a week, they noticed diminished skin blemishes.

This ranges from black spots to tightened skin

On average it takes 2 to 3 days to recover from the procedure and its side effects. During this period, it is usual to experience skin dryness.

As such, it is recommended that you take steps to help the skin recover hydration. This includes using skin-friendly products such as moisturizers and drinking plenty of water.

Ensure you do this for every procedure you do according to the schedule provided by your dermatologist.

Some people also mentioned that their faces became swollen, and the redness was prominent

In such a situation, avoid any triggering environments like the harsh sun. The effect will wear off shortly 

Cool Peel Laser Reviews

Some of the people who tried the treatment stated:


“It was a pleasant experience. No pain or discomfort, and my face looked normal after 2 days. I’m happy with the results a month later”

“Minimal downtime. I was able to go to my daughter’s recital the next day”


I got it to reduce acne scars, but I only saw an increase in acne scars.


The cold peel treatment lies in a unique pocket as a form of treatment that uses artificial products to kickstart a natural process

However, this invitation doesn’t come at zero cost. As much as the narrative pushed is that it has minimal downtime, the treatment can still be extremely inconvenient.

That said, the cool peel has received glowing reviews in terms of its effectiveness. Therefore if you don’t mind a little redness or scaling for a few days  then it should be totally worth it


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