Surprising Ru58841 Side Effects to be Aware of

An experimental medication called RU58841 was developed to treat male pattern baldness, often known as androgenic alopecia (MPD).

It has been proven through study to be effective and may be the best component for fighting hair loss.

The study was discontinued a few years ago for budgetary concerns.

Nevertheless, it has been repeatedly demonstrated that RU58841 is the most effective treatment for MPD.

We’ll discuss how this substance functions in this post and how you might incorporate it into your hair loss regimen.

What is RU58841?

French researchers first developed RU58841 in the early 1970s. They created it as a possible prostate cancer cure.

It was envisioned that it could be applied topically and absorbed through the skin to produce focused effects targeting the prostate area.

However, the preliminary studies found that it had little impact on the prostate. The cancer treatment was therefore abandoned.

However, it was shown during clinical studies that almost all the male trial participants reported increased hair growth where the cream was applied.

Since they knew it might promote hair growth on their heads, some had supposedly even begun applying it there.

How RU58841Works

Strong local anti-androgenic effects are provided by RU58841.

Contrary to finasteride and dutasteride, which restrict testosterone conversion to DHT, RU has no adverse effects on the body’s endocrine system.

The ability of this chemical to bind to hormone receptors found in the hair is due to its structural similarity to DHT and other androgens.

By tightly binding to the receptors, RU58841 prevents androgen hormones from activating them.

Because of this, it has benefits that are very similar to those of medications that lower DHT levels directly, such as decreased hair loss and increased hair growth.

Advanced Research

In 1994, a hamster-based investigation on RU was conducted for the first time.

Roussel Uclaf, a French scientist, conducted several animal investigations and concluded: “RU 58841 might be beneficial for the topical treatment of androgen-dependent skin problems such as acne, androgenic baldness, and hirsutism.”

Further testing on stump-tailed macaques was done in 1998.

The results showed that RU enhanced the density, length, and ticketing of the hair in bald male individuals without any noticeable systemic effects.

In a different study, Finasteride and RU were also investigated for their effects on stump-tailed macaques. The outcomes of this research were highly encouraging.

The Journal of Steroid Bio-Chemistry and Molecular Biology also published a study.

The study claims that RU58841 is a top contender for treating hyperandrogenism.

This is due to its very high topical activity and unsaid selectivity concerning systemic effects.

Benefits of RU58841

Primarily, RU 58841’s rapid and effective action is quite remarkable. It can take less time to penetrate scalp hair receptors when applied topically.

Most RU 58841 users claim positive results after a few weeks of using the compound.

They stopped experiencing hair loss since their development was generally progressing as RU 58841 stimulates new human hair growth.

According to a controlled study, RU 58841 enabled damaged hair follicles to get blood flow, allowing them to progress to the stage of hair regrowth.

Additionally, according to several user before-and-after photos, RU 58841 can help you give a better hairline and reduce your un-hairy areas as much as achievable.

Some users of this non-steroidal anti-androgen (NSAA) compound have reported entirely curing alopecia, mainly male pattern baldness (MPD).

This is due to the highly favorable benefits of this medication in preventing hair loss.

Although it’s not entirely apparent, there’s evidence that RU 58841 treats acne and skin irritability issues. But before this notion can be proven, more study is necessary.

Before we continue, it’s important to mention if you currently have plans to use the compound to stop hair loss.

You should be aware that you may experience extreme hair loss at first before your hair follicles begin their second growth phase and make you seem younger than ever!

RU58841: Is it Legal?

No, sadly.

Contrary to other hair loss therapies, RU58841 has not been deemed legal or approved by the FDA.

As a result, it is completely prohibited for human use and is subject to strict regulations, making it unlikely that your doctor will be able to prescribe it.

Only those who intend to purchase RU58841 for research and academic purposes may do so.

RU58841 Side Effects

Like every other medication, RU58841 has potential side effects.

RU58841 remains an investigational medication, and few human trials have been conducted.

There have only been two or three human experiments, and the outcomes of those studies still need to be released.

But the fact that RU made it into Phase 3 trials indicates that it was highly promising and had few side effects.

There are few clinical studies available on the adverse effects of RU58841.

The fact that there aren’t many adverse effects and that it’s typically well tolerated has been revealed to us by a large body of anecdotal evidence.

Since RU essentially affects androgen receptors, it could also block additional androgen receptors in the body if some liquid got into the bloodstream.


You must now clearly understand how RU 58841 will significantly benefit you if you belong to the hair loss community.

RU58841 has proven to be a successful treatment for male pattern baldness.

Numerous investigations have established its efficacy. Long-term research has yet to be conducted, though.

Even though it is still an experimental medicine, many users report positive outcomes.

It appears to have some adverse effects and is not easily accessible.

You would have to utilize it daily. But all you need to do is rub it on your hair, which only takes a minute.

We advise checking out other options if you’re looking for a product that could prevent hair loss.

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