Vacuum Therapy Buttocks Side Effects

10 Surprising Vacuum Therapy Buttocks Side Effects

Vacuum therapy is a longstanding cosmetic procedure used to alter the appearance of the buttocks.

As a result of the procedure, the buttock region looks fuller and firmer – something considered aesthetically pleasing.

Over time, medical practices have changed significantly. However, despite technological advancements, certain scientific principles remain the same. This is the case with vacuum therapy.

The practice is rooted in old medicine and is, therefore, less risky than some modern counterparts, mainly because it is non-invasive.

Also, the scientific principles it’s grounded upon can be used in various treatments. Any differences to the body’s natural way of doing effects are bound to bring side effects.

So also, the question that constantly rises is, are there any harmful vacuum remedy buttocks side effects? 

We take a look at the possibilities of vacuum therapy buttocks side effects and how they come about. 

How Does Vacuum Therapy Work?

Vacuum therapy is a three-step process that involves the use of suction cups. The steps include;

Step 1

Sticking the suction cups onto the buttock area of the patient. The patient is expected to be flat on their stomach during this step.

Step 2

Thereafter, the cups are allowed time to work on the buttocks. This process is left to run for up to 45 minutes.

Step 3

After the allocated time, the attendant monitors the effects of the vacuum therapy treatment. It is prudent to note that the process’ period hinges on your tolerance levels. Some people can withstand 45 minutes whilst the majority do 30 minutes.

Now that you are familiar with the process, here are some positive and negative vacuum therapy buttocks side effects

Negative Vacuum Therapy Buttocks Side Effects 

1. You May Experience Slight Pain

The procedure is mostly painless. However, it is a measured process. As a result, the suction cups shouldn’t be left on the buttocks for too long. 

Instances of reported pain are often reported as vacuum therapy buttocks side effects. This happens when you leave the suction cups on for too long. 

Even then, the pain is mild and doesn’t last long.

2. Causes Muscle Tightness 

The principle that vacuum therapy is based upon uses vacuum and suction to achieve results, one of which is firmer buttocks.

Firm muscles go hand in hand with tighter muscles.

As a result, there will be times when the procedure leads to muscle tightness which can be uncomfortable 

3. Moderate Swelling 

Due to the performative nature of the therapy, there might be some swelling that comes along with the butt augmentation 

4. It May Trigger Rashes 

Vacuum therapy utilizes trapped air to achieve the desired effect. This sometimes leads to the trapping of sweat in the skin, which can lead to rashes.

5. You May Discomfort

Butt vacuum therapy is corrective. However, it puts the body in an unnatural state. As a result, it can cause some discomfort to you. It is also prudent to note that discomfort isn’t necessarily painful –  just unusual. 

6. Temporary redness

The heat generated during the session is responsible for the temporary redness that might occur.  When you feel hot, your body attempts to find a cooling solution.

This includes an attempt by blood vessels to widen themselves, producing a red appearance.

7.  Minor Bruising

This could appear in the form of a lump. Bruising can occur on sensitive skin due to the force generated by vacuum therapy. 

Positive side effects 

Positive Vacuum Therapy Buttocks Side Effects

8. Increased skin elasticity 

As a result of the suction from the procedure, the buttocks develop a ‘tighter’ appearance. This reduces the sagging effect on the butt. 

9. Firmer Butt

The increased blood flow toward the surrounding areas makes the butt muscles feel firmer.

10. Bigger-looking Buttocks 

The butt vacuum therapy sessions provide distinction and shape due to the butt lift. In turn, this makes the butt look bigger and fuller.

Are Vacuum Therapy Results Permanent?

Despite the effectiveness and the few negative vacuum therapy buttocks side effects, the results aren’t permanent.

The non-invasive nature of the procedure means that the effects can be maintained through repeat procedures.

Therefore, failure to do follow-up procedures will see the buttock region revert to its original state.

That said, a vacuum butt-lift session will last up to a year, although this varies from person to person.

Tips To Maintain Results 

Vacuum therapy facilitates your desired body goals without involving surgery or injection. However, this doesn’t make it an end-all.

To maintain the achieved shape, there are several steps you should proactively take to supplement vacuum therapy. Some of these steps include:

1. Exercise

Vacuum therapy is just the first step if you desire an aesthetically pleasing butt long term. Nothing supplements any cosmetic efforts more than good old exercise. Incorporate any form of exercise into your daily routine to 

2. Drink lots of water 

The introduction of toxins can be a vacuum therapy buttocks side effect. As such, consuming water will flush the toxins right out of your system after every session.

3. Use firming gel

To complement your newfound firm butt, use some firming gel and massage your butt, for a few days after the session. 

4. Minimize or reduce alcohol intake

Reduce or avoid alcohol intake during the days that lead up to and follow your vacuum therapy session.

5. Don’t sit for too long 

Understandably, as a vacuum therapy buttocks side effect, your butt is going to experience some tightness. Therefore immediately after the procedure, it is recommended to avoid sitting for too long.

6. Spread the sessions out 

As pleasing as the results might seem to you, balance is key. Do not overdo the sessions, especially if they seem painless. Make sure that you space the sessions out by at least 72 hours

Who Shouldn’t Get The Procedure Done?

Despite its relatively safe nature, negative vacuum therapy buttocks side effects exist. That said, people are more prone to these negative side effects than others.  Below is a list of things to look out for before getting the procedure:

  • Open wounds
  • Fillers from a previous procedure
  • Electric implants 
  • Eczema wounds 

It is also advised to avoid the procedure if you suffer from the following conditions:

  • Varicose disorder 
  • Swollen joints 
  • Paralysis

Pregnant or breastfeeding women are also advised against getting the procedure done.

Does Vacuum Therapy Work Get Rid of Cellulite?

Cellulite refers to fats deposited beneath the skin and are found all over the body, particularly the buttocks. Due to pop culture, many people deem it aesthetically displeasing despite its inconsequential nature.

Vacuum therapy is very effective in dealing with cellulite. The suction cups drain the fat-carrying tissues, which in turn rids the body of the cellulite ridges.

How Much Does It Cost?

Much like anything, the cost of a procedure hinges on various factors such as practitioner and location. However, the base price in many institutions ranges from 85 dollars to 150 dollars per session. A much cheaper option compared to its surgery-based counterparts.

Vacuum Butt Lifting Alternatives 

For many, the negative side effects of vacuum therapy buttocks are a big plus. However, the numerous sessions can be tedious hence the need for permanent options. Below are some longer-lasting alternatives:

1. Surgery 

Unlike the nonscarring vacuum therapy buttocks side effects, surgery’s impact is long-lasting. This is because fat is manually removed from the buttocks region. Therefore surgical side effects are physically contoured while vacuum therapy buttocks side effects are manipulated over time.

2. Injection 

Unlike vacuum therapy buttocks’ side effects, injectables are the riskiest option. However, there have been numerous cases of success. 

3. Exercise 

The vacuum therapy buttocks’ side effects either fade with time or can be avoided when incorporated with exercise. It simply burns fat without any additives and is, therefore, the most natural option on this list


Vacuum therapy is viable for anyone seeking to fast-track their body goal results. However, as aforementioned, the best results are achieved by supplementing therapy with good maintenance practices.

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